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Spelunking in Cuba

Calcareous rocks form more than the 60% of the island, because of the influence the glacier periods and the weather, they have formed to be some of the highest caverns of the Caribbean region.

Cuba also has a large number of caverns, the most renowned being La Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás. There are a lot of caverns that are throughout the hummocks in La Sierra de los Organos (Pinar del Río). They have fluvial origin and sometimes have underground galleries superposed, forming larger systems, such as the mentioned cavern of Santo Tomás that is more than 45 Km in length.

Another preferred cavern for both visitors and Cubans alike is the Bellamar Cave, in Matanzas. This cave has a fascinating legend it can be found on the way to Varadero.

Other caves are: Escambrey Mountain, Cuyagüateje, Cueva del Cable, Cueva del Simón, de Paredones, del Indio, de los Tomates, de Quintanal, Astón, de Cagagüanes, de Palmarito, de Bitirí, Revuelta de los Chinos, de la Patana, Solapos de Jaruco and Caleta del Rosario, these caves offer great views for visitors.

In La Isla de la Juventud you can find a submarine cave, Punta Francés, one of the most beautiful places in the region.

Near to the Guardalavaca beach, you can find a group of overflowed caverns known as Los Tanques Azules de la Vecina Gibara; unique to the island and very interesting for visitors.