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Traveling to Cuba during peak travel periods

If you plan to travel to Cuba between December 15th and January 15th, or the week before or after Easter, you should book at least 3 months in advance. These periods are extremely busy and all flights to Cuba and nearly all hotels in Cuba sell out during these periods. That said, many Cuban agencies don't release hotel rates for Christmas until sometime in September or October. We can book your flights and hotels for the holidays before the hotel rates are released. I can provide an estimate based on the previous years rates on the same dates. Rates rarely fluctuate more than 10% from one year to the next for the same dates. It is VERY rare that our estimates are more than 10% off.  If you are booking your flights to Cuba with us, you won't have to pay for the hotel reservations until we receive official rates.  Most hotel rates in Cuba are at their highest from December 22nd through January 6th.  If you are trying to book travel over Christmas/New Years on short notice (less than 2 months), expect delays, especially with hotel confirmations. It is very busy in Cuba from October through May and late July/August. It is important to book early, especially if you want a hotel in Old Havana. There are not nearly enough hotels in Old Havana meet demand from October through May.

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