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Flights - Santo Domingo - Havana


Flights from Santo Domingo to Havana

Day Departure Arrival
Sundays and Thursdays Depart Santo Domingo at 1:30 PM Arrive in Havana at 3:50 PM
Depart Havana at 9:40 AM Arrive in Santo Domingo at 12:00 PM (noon)

Schedule above valid through Oct 31, 2016. Please inquire about later dates.

Rates fluctuate. Please inquire for pricing. Schedule subject to change. We recommend waiting for us to confirm availability and price of the flights above before purchasing connecting flights.

We need each person's full names as they appear on your passports, passport number, passport expiration date, and date of birth to confirm availability. After reservations are confirmed, we'll need a copy of each person's passport to have tickets issued.


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