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Cuba does not want to be known as a place for "sex tourism" but they are.  The Cuban government does their best to try to discourage prostitution and they do pretty well.  None of the Cubans working are in the league with prostitutes in other places.  Most are very amateur and work only on occasion.  Hot-blooded and aggressive they are!  If they get caught more than a few times, they might be sent to a re-education center to learn a new profession.

Of course, there are far more beautiful Cuban women, not working as prostitutes, that are interested in going out with a foreigner who can simply afford to offer them good companionship, a nice dinner, a nightclub show and perhaps some dancing. These women are indeed classy women that no one should consider any more than a very nice date!

Christopher Columbus called Cuba the most beautiful place he had ever seen. The Cuban people are among the finest and friendliest in the world. Yes, Cuba may be a man's paradise, but it is also a most delightful destination for all kinds of tourism.

The Cuban government does everything they possibly can do to help one avoid seeing the prostitutes for those who are repulsed by it! However, if one wants it....one can find it! We wouldn't be doing our job if we did not make Americans aware of what is going on in Cuba. Would we like to see it stopped....you bet! However, it is the oldest profession in the world and nobody seems to have stopped it yet!




We have been going to Cuba since 1977 and like to think we know how to get our clients in and out of Cuba without problems. So far, not one of our clients has ever had any problems....but just in case they do, our friends at the Center for Constitutional Rights and the National Lawyers Guild have advised us to tell our clients that they will provide "fee lawyers" and "free legal defense" for anyone who does no matter where they live within the United States.

Amnesty International has said that if any American  wants to challenge the legality of the travel laws they will provide the lawyers.

The Cuban embargo could end at any time. Why wait until other Americans have a chance to spoil it for all of us....the time to go is now!  Give us a call at 760-487-5212.


Prior to the Revolution, Havana, was regarded as one of the hottest international nightspot in the world. With the dawn of the age of prohibition in the United States, people used to flock to Havana from across the Florida Straits to engage in all manner of activities. Havana has the reputation of a city where you could get anything - at a price. Shady "businessmen" like Meyer Lansky, invested millions of dollars into the hotel and casino business and many a famous film star had a financial stake in the city. The debauchery and excess of the night scene was swept aside when Castro came to power in 1959, however Havana continues to sizzle as an exciting Caribbean nightspot.

Today, the nightlife for the tourist primarily revolves around cabaret shows and Afro-Caribbean music and dance. If you simple want to while away the night smoking Cuban cigars and becoming acquainted with the potency of Cuban cocktails in a quiet and friendly bar, there are plenty of great places in Old Havana, Vedado and Miramar. There are atmospheric hideaways and plush cabarets on almost every street, but there are a few traditional spots to keep your eye out for. La Bodeguita del Medio off the Plaza de la Catedral is Havana's most celebrated bar. Since Hemingway bent his elbow here, La Bodeguita has become de rigeur, and Salvador Allende, Fidel Castro, Harry Belafonte and Nat King Cole have all left their autographs on the wall. El Floridita, another Hemingway hangout, is on the tour-bus circuit but this is where frozen daiquiris were invented in the 1920's so you might like to pay your respects. The best and biggest nightclub in Havana is the Tropicana. Each night, more than 200 stilloetted and scantily clad beauties put on enormous headdresses and take to the stage. The showstopper is the preposterous Dance of the Chandeliers, where a train of dancers, sporting illuminated lamps on their heads, appears on stage linked together by electrical cords.

The weekly Cartelera entertainment newspaper is stuffed with cinema and theatre programs, and listings of galleries, bars, nightclubs and cultural events. You can pick one up at any major hotel.

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CAFE CANTANTE MI HABANA, Teatro Nacional, Paseo y 39, Plaza de la Revolucion. Tel: 79 6011, 79 3558, 33 1357.
Translated as "Café My Havana", Café Cantante features live salsa music, intermittent disco and a variety of humor groups. Considered one of the hot spots for live salsa acts and disco music, Café Cantante attracts a young, jumping crowd. We find the atmosphere a little warehouse like as the club is located in an underground "hall" with low ceilings. We also had a bad experience one very crowded evening when the club bouncers wouldn't let my wife sit on my lap - "club policy". Drinks are over-priced and the waiters spoiled and unfriendly.
SALON ROSADO. Avenida 41 y 42, Playa, Tels: 29-0985 y 23-5322.

CABARET TURQUINO. Hotel Habana Libre Tryp, Calle L e/ 23 y 25, El Vedado. Tel: 33-4011.

LA CECILIA. Quinta Avenida y Calle 110, Miramar. Tel: 24-1562.
De jueves a domingo, 9:30 pm.

BAILABLES CON LA SONORA. Calle 49 C y 28 A, Playa. Fridays and Saturdays at 10pm.
PALACIO DE LA SALSA. Kawama Caribbean, Hotel Riviera, Avenida Paseo y Malecon, Vedado. Tel: 30 5051
CLUB JAZZ, Since opening in 1997, Club Jazz has served up world class music in an intimate underground (literally) club setting. There are nice touches, like Spanish olives served in a martini glass with paper wrapped toothpicks, but the real attraction is the jam sessions by some of Cuba's greatest musicians, night after night, with an occasional drop-in from a visiting musician like George Benson.

CABARET NACIONAL Gran Theatre (downstairs), Calle San Rafael and Prado, Habana Vieja. Tel: 63 2361
A very downscaled version of the typical Cuban cabaret floor show from midnight to 1am. A good place to arrive after 1pm as the disco far outshines the show. The cost is US$5, which is affordable to the locals. Typically packed well into the evening. Make sure you don't step outside for some fresh air as you will be charged again for entry!
A very downscaled version of the typical Cuban cabaret floor show from midnight to 1am. A good place to arrive after 1pm as the disco far outshines the show. The cost is US$5, which is affordable to the locals. Typically packed well into the evening. Make sure you don't step outside for some fresh air as you will be charged again for entry!

TURQUINO, Hotel Habana Libre Tryp. Calle L e/ 23 y 25, Vedado. Tel: 30 4011 ext. 2501. Open daily from 10:30pm to 4:30am.
Located on the top floor of the Habana Libre, the Turquino used to be a great Havana nightspot a few years ago. Now it tends to attract primarily tourists as they have made it almost impossible for locals to get into the club. The view is great but not worth the US$10 cover charge.

COMODORO, 1ra Avenida y Calle 84, Miramar. Tel: 29 0601

EL PAPA'S, Marina Hemingway, 5ta Avenida y Calle 248, Santa Fè. Tels: 24 1150 al 56

EL IPANEMA ("Copacabana"), 1ra e/ Calle 44 y Calle 46, Miramar. Tel: 29 0601

SALON BAJO LAS ISTRELLAS, Cabaret Tropicana. Calle 72 y Linea del Ferrocarril, Marianao. Tels: 27-0110 / 27-1717. Daily: 8:30pm to 2am.

TROPICANA, Calle 72 No. 4504 y Calle 43. Marianao. Tels: 27-0110 / 27-9147 / 27-1548. Tuesdays to Sundays from 9pm to 2am.

One of the most famous cabaret shows in the world, the Tropicana, "a paradise under the stars", remains the extravaganza of colour and energy that it was 50 years ago. Involving hundreds of singers, dancers and magicians, it remains the most popular cabaret in the city year after year. Perhaps the Tropicana brochure describes it best:

It has been said that Havana has two nights. One is a night of romance and soft waves sent by the gods of the Antilles splashing up against the wall of the Malecon seafront drive. The other night is one of undulating hips and sun transmitted into the liquid fire of rum - the Tropicana night. Tropicana is more than a cabaret. It is a consecrating jungle where you go to be initiated into the magic of Havana nights.

Underneath leafy mamoncillo trees, among palm trees as lofty as the stars, the music of more than 200 dancers offers the most vibrating performance engendered by the madness of the 50's on this island of corals. A single show combines the art, rhythms and folklore born of the Caribbean embrace between Africa and Spain. When the rumba is played which sets the bodies of the most agile mulatto women of the Caribbean on fire, the Tropicana is in the throes of ecstasy. Everything that is capable of moving, moves: feet dance under the table, rum dances in the bottles, the blue Havana cigar smoke dances in the air. Hearts long for the night to evading the dawn so that this party with its apotheosis of gyrating flesh, the happiness of these liberated hips, continues.

Whether or not your heart longs "for the night to evade the dawn", it would be a shame to visit Havana and not experience the Tropicana. Be warned however that it will be an expensive night and that this is a show strictly for tourists. Admission in 1991 was US$20, in 1995 was US$50 and today it is US$100 for a good seat.

LA CECILIA. 5ta Avenida y 110, Miramar. Tel: 24-1562. Thursdays to Sundays from 9:30pm.
Another out door spectacle which features Cuban music and dance. La Cecillia features some of the best salsa groups in Cuba.

PARISIEN. Hotel Nacional de Cuba.Calles O and 21, Vedado Tels: 33-3564 al 67. Fridays to Wednesdays from 9pm to 2:30am.

A downscaled version of the Tropicana, a little closer to the city centre.

CAFE CANTANTE MI HABANA. Teatro Nacional. Paseo y 39, Plaza de la Revolucion. Tels: 79-6011 / 79-3558. Daily from 12 midnight to 5am.

MESON DE LA CHORRERA. Malecon y 20, El Vedado. Open daily from 1pm to 3am.

CLUB IMAGENES, No. 602, Calle Calzada e/ B y C, Vedado.
Occupying the former shell of the pre-Revolutionary Le Vendome French restaurant since June 1998, Club Imagenes provides a cozy, air-conditioned venue for deal-making and social conversation. It features comfortable seating groups, soft lighting, a tapas menu and piano music by the borrowed maestro of the local symphony, Mario Romeu. Most drinks are US$3, including the traditional Cuban daiquiris and mojitos. There are seven champagnes and sparking wines, priced between $25 and $150 a bottle, and the rare 15-year Havana Club at $12 a shot. Featured tapas dishes include calamari, shrimp, vegetables in criollo sauce, ham horns and asparagus salad.


HAVANA CLUB, Hotel Comodoro. Avenida 3ra y 84, Miramar. Tel: 24-2902. Open daily from 10pm to 5am.

LOS CANEYES DEL PAPA, Marina Hemingway. Calle 248 y 5ta Avenida. Santa Fe, Playa. Tel: 24-1150. Daily from 10pm to 5am.

DISCO BAR. Hotel Panamericano. Calle A y Avenida Central, Cojimar. Tel: 97-4101. Daily from 10pm to 5am.

LA MAISON. Calle 16 No 701 esq 7ma, Miramar. Tel: 24-1550. Entrance on Calle 9na. Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10pm. Cover: US$5.

RIVERA AZUL. Hotel Deauville, Galiano y Malecon, Centro Habana. Tel: 33-8812. Open daily from 10:30pm to 4am. Cover: US$3.

DISCOLIMPO. Hotel Neptuno-Triton, Avenida 3ra y 74, Miramar. Tel: 24-1606 (ext: 112), Daily from midnight on.

SALON ROJO. Hotel Capri. Calle 21 esq N, El Vedado. Tel: 33-3747 (ext: 120). Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:30pm to 4am.

JARDINES 1830. Malecon y 20, El Vedado. Tels: 33-4521 / 55-3090. Open daily from 10pm to 4am.

TERRAZA BAHIA. Hotel Copacabana, Avenida lra e/ 44 y 46, Miramar. Tel: 24-1037. Daily from 7pm to 11pm.

CLUB IPANEMA. Hotel Copacabana, Avenida lra e/ 44 y 46, Miramar. Tel: 24-1037. Daily from 10:30pm to 2am.

SALON INTERNACIONAL. Hotel Riviera, Avenida Paseo y Malecon, El Vedado. Tels: 33-4051 / 33-4055. Daily from 10pm to 3am.


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