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Nassau to Cuba Flights

Cubana de Aviacion flight schedule - Nassau/Havana/Nassau


Day Departure city Arrival city
Fridays and Sundays Depart Nassau at 4:50 PM Arrive in Havana at 6:25 PM
Fridays and Sundays Depart Havana at 2:15 PM Arrive in Nassau at 3:50  PM

Schedule valid through Oct 27, 2017

Check-in begins 3 hours prior to departure and ends 2 hours prior to departure. Please book connecting flights accordingly. 

(Schedule subject to change).

Cubana Fares:  

Spending 1-29 days in Cuba: $399 roundtrip per adult   

Child roundtrip air = $349.00

 Airport facilities tax, Bahamian government security tax, Bahamian departure tax, Bahamian ticket tax  = $79.50

Spending 30 - 59 days in Cuba =  $449 roundtrip

Adult open ended roundtrip air = $449

Child open ended roundtrip air = $399

Adult one way = $349

Children one way age 2-11 =  $299

Children under 2  =  $22

tourist card (visa) = $15  (not included for passengers born in Cuba)

All offers, schedules, and prices subject to change without notice.

For reservations, please email: reservations@cubatravelusa.com.

On Cubana flights between Nassau and Havana, the weight allowance for baggage is 71 pounds per person including carry on bags. Maximum weight for one bag is 60 pounds. Each additional pound is $2.00 per pound.

  Note:  All prices are subject to change without notice


Bahamasair fight schedule below (Nas-Hav-Nas)

Bahamasair Schedule below valid  through Nov 05, 2017

Day Departure city Arrival city
Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays Depart Nassau at 11:00 AM Arrive in Havana at 12:15 PM
Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays Depart Havana at 1:15 PM Arrive in Nassau at 2:30 PM

Please inquire for pricing. Schedule subject to change. We recommend waiting for us to confirm availability and price of the flights above before purchasing connecting flights.


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