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Hemingway Billfish Tournament


63th Ernest Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament


June 09 - June 14, 2014

Following the tradition the great American writer Ernest Hemingway represents, we will celebrate the 61th International Billfishing Tournament this year. Marina Hemingway cordially invites you to fish the annual International Fishing Tournament.

Marina Hemingway / Marina Tarará


450.00 CUC per team from 1 to 3 anglers and 100.00 CUC per an additional angler. Registration fee includes free mooring if you come on your own boat, personal invitations for the Welcoming Cocktail, Closing Dinner and Awarding Ceremony for the teams.

Tourist visa can be acquired at the entrance to the Marina Hemingway, you can get it here, just advise using the VHF Channel 16. If flying in, you can purchase the tourist visa when buying your tickets to Cuba. This is a non-issue as long as you were not born in Cuba and have a valid passport.

If you rent a boat at the Marina Hemingway the prices include: captain and mate, fishing tackle for every angler, baits, fuel and snack. Public prices range from 2,500.00 CUC. for the tournament.  Reserving in advance is recommended. 


Rules according to IGFA.
Teams up to 4 anglers.
Tag and Release method.

The line for the “Ernest Hemingway” Tournament is 50 pounds.

Only the Captain and one team representative will attend the Captain's meeting.

Tag and Release reports or capture reports must be given to the Control Tower of our marina indicating the time, team number and location.

The Jury from the Cuban Sport Fishing Federation, will take irrevocable decisions regarding the validation of Tag and Release capture previously printed in the photographs. Complains due to violation of any of the items will be issued to the Jury into the next 2 hours at the end of each fishing day. If it is not done that way they will not be considered.

At the end of each fishing day a report will be delivered to all boats so that any complain that may arise could be issued to the Jury into the next 24 hours.

Pictures will be taken with the competitors cameras and every fishing day will be given to the jury. Will be admitted any model of digital camera, the pictures will be accepted only in JPEG format and can not suffer any kind of modifications or manipulation.

A crew list will be needed at the Registration.


Some nearby hotels include: Melia Habana, Acuario, Quinta Avenida, Chateau Miramar, and Comodoro.




Boat owners can just go....you don't need a reservation. Just notify the marina once you are about to enter Cuban waters by VHF Channel 16 or HF 7462.

Water depth is about 5.5 meters.

There is room for more than 400 boats,

Drinking water, ships store, shopping, energy 110-220 volts, fuel, local phone and international phone lines are available, TV satellite, medical care, weather forecasts, repairs, protection, pilots and crews are all available at the marina.

Some of the other services available at the marina are: hotel, condos, and cottages, restaurants, bars, disco, diving and snorkeling, rental cars, Limo, vans, jet skis, water skiing, windsurfing, catamarans, banana boats, city tours, country tours, etc.